Thursday, July 30, 2015

Budgeting Bloggers: July 2015

I'd originally planned to only do Stitch Fix in July, but then I forgot to defer my Fabletics for the month and it just went out the window!  I also went to TJ Maxx one day on my lunch hour and found a few tops to add to my (shrinking) closet.  I am looking for more work tops to wear with my blazers and cardigans, as I've been turning my closet upside down and getting rid of TONS of things.

  1. Stitch Fix Papermoon Localli Mixed Material Top & Dear John Cuffed Shorts (originally $102, paid $27):  I covered this in my Stitch Fix recap, but I got a great shirt and shorts for $27, which I consider a steal because I had some credits thanks to readers and friends who signed up using my referral link!
  2. Fabletics Aruba Wrap Top II and Salar Legging ($60):  I forgot to defer my month of Fabletics, so I had to buy an outfit... it's the first time this has happened since I joined well over a year ago!  I decided I could use another pair of good black leggings, and the top felt like a good lounge-around-the-house top.
  3. Japna Mustard Blouse (tag price $58, $20 via TJ Maxx)
  4. Japna B&W Top (tag price $18, $13 via TJ Maxx)
  5. Calvin Klein B&W Top (tag price $39, $20 via TJ Maxx)

$140 spent - $112 sold = $28 total spent
$137 savings

Total 2015 Net Spending: Q1 $616 + Q2 $354 + July $28 = $998

The thing I'm most proud of for July is the bags and bags I've either donated or trashed from my closet.  I recently read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and while I think the author is certifiably a Looney Tune, it did inspire me to take a look at my closet and PURGE.  As is, I now have 40 empty hangers, tons more space, rearranging the closets and cabinets in my whole apartment, you name it.  The thing that I like is how she has you touch or hold every item and think, "Does this bring me joy?"  And while I don't necessarily hold a pair of socks and think that, I do think, "Why do I have those ancient, crappy socks in my drawer when I bought new ones a few months back?"  So much to Dan's annoyance, I've been tearing up the apartment reorganizing and purging and moving things around on him.

As for my clothes, I feel like that means I have better handle on what's actually in my closet.  I mailed off my rarely-worn business suits and dresses (minus a couple) to some college friends who could actually fit in them and use them.  I've already made one Goodwill run and I've got enough stuff for another.  It feels wacky, but really liberating.  When's the last time you did a major cleanup/closet purge?

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Taking a little break...

Whether you've noticed or not, things have been a little quieter!  I'm only a couple of weeks out from the wedding, slammed with work and MBA homework, and I think it's time to log off for a bit and focus on a few offline priorities.

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I'll be back post-wedding, hopefully with TONS of photos too!  And my July Budgeting Bloggers post and all that.  Don't forget about me!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Casual Dining in Grand Rapids

I was back in beautiful Michigan for work in June, and I'm just now getting to recap the delicious, casual bites I grabbed with my coworkers while I was there.  I usually dine at foodie/upscale restaurants during business meals, but this time I was treated to casual fare that was just as delicious.

Olive's Restaurant & Bar

Olive's was my favorite on this trip; we stopped there for lunch on my first day in town.  It was in an adorable district of town (I love East Grand Rapids), had a light interior and cute decor, and the menu, while small, appeared to be fresh and varied.  I decided to order the Crab Cakes off of the small plate menu, with a side of fries added.  This turned out to be the perfect casual lunch!  The crab cakes were perfect and very tasty.  The fries were just as crispy as I like them, with a soft inside.  It took a little while to get our food, but I'm assuming it's because everything was made to order.  All of my coworkers' meals looked just as fresh and delicious!  I'd definitely come back here again in a heartbeat.

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Brick Road Pizza Co.

For an easy pizza weeknight dinner, we went to Brick Road Pizza Co.  It was a casual place with a fantastic craft beer menu.  Michigan (especially Grand Rapids) has such a great craft beer scene, and the restaurants definitely celebrate that.  I liked that we could ask the waiter for thoughts on craft beer and he knew what he was talking about.  We ordered meatballs and cheesy bread as appetizers, and both were solidly good.  I ordered a personal-sized pizza and could not finish it!  The portions are huge; the calzone could easily feed two people.  Overall it was solidly good pizza and I have no complaints.  It was a fun meal.

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Little Bangkok

I don't crave Thai food, mostly because I'm not a big fan of peanut and coconut flavors.  I wasn't excited when my coworkers wanted Thai food, but I went with it.  Little Bangkok exceeded my expectations!  I started with their peppery but delicious soup.  It reminded me of egg drop soup but with lots of black pepper.  I then had the Pad Noodle with chicken.  It was a garlicky sauce, with broccoli and onion and water chestnuts.  I was pleasantly surprised that I really liked it!  I would definitely come back to Little Bangkok on future trips.

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Have you been to Grand Rapids?  Any favorite casual bites?

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