Monday, June 29, 2015

Budgeting Bloggers: June 2015

I went on a shopping spree this month, as I struggle to resist good deals.  But was also a decent month for resale of my clothing, including both Poshmark and thredUP this time.  I think what most impressed me is that despite getting a ton of stuff, I got good deals and it all evened out!

  1. Fabletics Andreas Canyon (paid $60):  I order the tank top in navy and the jogger pants in black.  Jogger pants are my favorite loungewear, and I don't have a navy tank top for working out, so I caved in to get these.  Probably didn't NEED this stuff, but it looked cute so I went for it.  I think I'm pretty much done with Fabletics for now, so I plan to redeem my reward points and then opt out now that I have a ton of workout wear.
  2. eShakti Shawl Collar Gingham Dress (originally $70, paid $42):  I ordered three dresses from eShakti during a B2G1 sale, plus a discount code, and I ended up keeping two.  (When you include shipping, I basically got 40% off each dress.)  I love this Gingham Dress; it will be a staple this summer and it is so easy to wear.  It makes me feel like a fancy picnic-goer, and you know I love gingham.  So many compliments on this one, I know it was the right one for me!
  3. eShakti Havana Dress in Black (originally $70, paid $42): This dress just looked like my next LBD.  I figured it would be great for an occasion, and I love the fit!  Classic enough to hang on to for a while, as my other LBDs are all a few years old.
  4. eShakti Pleated Polka Dot Knit Dress (originally $74, paid $20 with sale/discount/giftcard): I know, what is with all the eShakti?!  Well, after my B2G1 order, eShakti reached out to me with a blogging opportunity that yielded me a $75 giftcard.  That stacked with a sale, discount code, and shipping meant I spent $40 on two dresses.  I decided to try a knit dress because I'd never tried those with eShakti before.  Super soft and comfortable, a classic dress for my closet.
  5. eShakti Poppy Fields Shirt Dress (originally $90, paid $20 with sale/discount/giftcard):   I fell in love with the print on this dress, and I hoped it would work for me... and it did!  I also love the belt it came with.
  6. Worthington Pencil Skirts in Black and Red (originally $36 each, paid $20 each):  Basics, because you need these colors!  I have so many print tops from Stitch Fix and other things, summer is for skirts.
  7. Worthington Sateen Pencil Skirts in White and Rich Royal (originally $36 each, paid $14 each):  Again, basic colors.  I think with the exception of a mustard-colored pencil skirt I still wish I had, or maybe Kelly green, I used this JCPenney sale to get a ton of skirts that will work in combination with things I already have in my closet.

Woof, did I get enough pencil skirts?  Sissy always accuses me of liking something and then getting it in every color.  But I got rid of all my maxi and pencil skirts last year because they were cheap knits/ponte and not holding up well, and I missed the pencil skirt look a lot.  I hope it helps me step up my work wardrobe this summer.

I also had one of my workout tank tops wash poorly from last month, so the Look Human awesome customer service folks refunded that purchase.  I've subtracted it from this month since I counted it last month.

$252 spent - $135 sold - $23 refunds = $94 total spent
$256 savings

Total 2015 Net Spending: Q1 $616 + Q2 $354 = $970

Remember when I used to stick to a $500/quarter budget, with subtractions for sales?  Looks like I'm technically still on track if you average out the past two quarters, despite no strict budget goal to hit..

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As a bonus, here's an Instagram pic of me wearing the gingham dress at brunch, and the black dress at my cousin's wedding:

Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Favorites, v.16

I'm back with my favorite things on the Internet this week!  If I had to pick a theme for what I loved this week, it was mostly stories of human goodness and girl power!

A boy left his Hobbes toy (where can I get one?!) and the airport employees took him on an adventure while he waited to be reunited.

Going without a hijab covering your hair is still illegal in Iran, and these brave women are using social media to protest and express themselves regardless!  Wow!

Megan Sullivan got a cancer diagnosis that inspired her to see the 7 Wonders of the World in 13 days... she no longer has cancer, but she still has a YOLO attitude that surely changed her life.

Performance art is not my favorite thing, but when I read about how Marina Abramović and Ulay ended their relationship/partnership, then were reunited 22 years later in an extremely moving moment during her MoMA performance, it made me cry!  Silence can be so powerful.

I really love how this Korean artist "Puuung" has illustrated what real, everyday love looks like.  And there are cats!

There are three reasons I don't love yoga: I have to be quiet, it makes me pass gas, and I don't like feeling like the biggest girl in the room with all the skinny-mini-Lululemon clones.    What I do love is how I feel after forcing myself to do yoga, and Jessamyn Stanley's honest posts fighting yoga stereotypes made me think about my own hang-ups about yoga.

+  I travel a LOT, and this article on 9 Ways To Be A Decent Human Being On Your Next Flight is a must-read, especially if you don't fly a lot.  Seriously, I'm typing part of this post from an airport.

+  I'm really loving Fran's "building a cohesive wardrobe" series so far.  I know I need to go through mine and make some decisions for sure... but I probably don't want to know how many things I have in there!

+  Nobel Prize-winning scientist Sir Tim Hunt made sexist remarks during a conference, and women scientists took to social media to show how "distractingly sexy" they are doing their awesome work in STEM.  It's an amazing rebuttal!

+  A teenager started an anonymous Instagram account and wrote nice things about every single one of his classmates.  It'll make you cry!

+  This women's underwear could replace tampons and change the world!  Seriously!  I don't know how it works, but it's awesome.

+  This ATM gave its loyal customers more than cash...  it gave them thoughtful gifts and a lot of love.

+  Sheryl Sandberg's post about life after her husband's death had tears running down my face.  I hope she kicked the sh*t out of Option B!

+  I think this is one of my favorite responses to the "Angry Facebook Veterans" and their supporters hating on Caitlyn Jenner as a hero... written by a Marine with a transgender brother.  You can be a hero without wearing a uniform!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Biscuit Love Brunch

You may remember me blogging about the Biscuit Love truck that used to frequent the Franklin Farmer's Market last year.  Now, Karl and Sarah Worley have taken their biscuits (and more) to a brick-and-mortar Biscuit Love restaurant in the Gulch (next to Bar Louie) with a line out the door!  It opened last fall, but it took me that long to get up to Nashville (vs. rolling out of bed to the Farmer's Market down the street) to brave the lines to give the place a try.  Luckily, my friend Anna was in town so it gave us an excuse to head north for brunch, my favorite meal of the day.

Like any Nashville hot spot, there's a line.  We expected as much on Sunday morning, especially given it was CMA Fest weekend!  We arrived around 10am I believe, and we were a little nervous about the number of people ahead of us.  We were able to browse menus while we waited, as you stay in line as you move inside (and order at the counter) before receiving a number and being loosely directed towards available tables.

Me and Anna... Dan is camera shy LOL.  Also, new dress!

I feel like we didn't have to wait long at all, because a lot of the groups were large and being a party of three we were ushered forward as tables opened up.  The bar is first-come, first-served I believe, but be sure to ask a hostess/server checking on the line!

Once we'd ordered, we were served quite quickly!  Anna had a Bloody Mary and Dan had a craft beer.  I needed caffeine so I had a delicious Arnold Palmer.  Anna treated us to my favorite part of the meal...  BONUTS.  Fried biscuit dough (AMAZING) with sugar, lemon mascarpone, and blueberry compote.  I seriously think that when I come back, I will make this my main meal, so I can have them all for myself.  My. new. favorite. thing.

Bonuts at Biscuit Love

I had a lot of trouble making up my mind for my main dish, because the menu at the restaurant is much more extensive than the truck's used to be.  I decided that for my first visit, I needed to go with my old truck standby, the SEC: biscuit, smoked sausage, egg, and aged cheddar.  I had the egg scrambled because I was in the midst of sensory overload when I ordered; I usually prefer the egg fried.  But it was delicious nonetheless!  Even better than the truck days, honestly... although I wonder if it's because I was eating it in air conditioning at a table with real silverware vs. plastic fork at the market.  I also ordered sides of the "chronic" bacon which was sticky and sweet, and the potatoes.  The potatoes I wish were a bit crispier, but the bacon was fab.  Bacon purists might prefer the normal bacon, but I love a little sweetness with the salt.

You guys, do yourself a favor and hit up Biscuit Love...  I'm so glad I could take my friend Anna (and Dan, too!) to brunch there, and to meet Karl.  I'm so happy for the Worleys and this new adventure, and hoping they put another location in Franklin someday!

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